I’d like to Introduce You to…..

My brand new beauty blog!

💋Beauty in the Trenches!! 💋

I will continue to blog here about learning to care for a large family, our little homestead adventure, and the occasional beauty or fashion post.

Most of my beauty and fashion posts will now be at Beautyinthetrenches.com

I started Beautyinthetrenches.com because jumping back into the fashion and beauty world turned out to be way more fun than I expected!! I’m learning so much and I didn’t want to overwhelm all my gardening buddies’ blog feeds with pictures of my latest hauls and silly selfies as I play with my new passion like a kid in a candy store!

There are so many women out there sacrificing for there families. Always putting themselves last. Literally ‘in the trenches’ of family life!

My hope is that this new venture will take the intimidation out of everything beauty and fashion for those busy mamas with no time and a tight budget!

Stop by and say hi!

Garden Update

Spring is officially here!!! And I have pictures to prove it!


Everything is getting greener!

So green we had to get the “lawn mower” out!

The garden is filling up!




The peas are up!

And the fruit trees are happy

Love this time of year!!

Sweet Mother’s Day!!

My family blessed me with a very sweet Mothers Day!

They made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and mushrooms (my favorite!)

After that I was able to get ready for the day all. by. myself! (What a treat!)

Then a gourmet lunch of Jack’s frozen pizzas (their favorite! )

After that it was gift time!

I was given a very cute pair of earrings and a ring!


As well as this adorable bird feeder! Love it!

Then I was given a very special treasure from my treasures!!


A beautiful framed list of ’40 Reasons We Love You”
Each of my kids contributed and my oldest girl put it all together!
So precious!! And, oh yes, there were tears!

Finished off the afternoon with a trip to Starbucks and the Antique store with my youngest girl for a few treasures.

A little start to a sweet little tea set for a sweet little girl!

My husband made dinner for us all and cleaned up, too!!

Then I finished the evening with a couple of very encouraging Mother’s Day videos….

If you only have a minute, watch this one now. http://vimeo.com/m/92773428

Then, when you have a little longer, come back for this one http://www.generationcedar.com/main/2014/05/what-a-mother-needs-on-mothers-day.html

Although there was an ache that stayed with me as I missed my son (he’s off at Basic Training learning how to save the world), my family gave me such a special day!! What a blessing!!

Big Cedar Resort, Large Family Friendly

We spent the night at Big Cedar and had a great time!


We stayed in a cabin with a loft and a little kitchenette.



The high today was only 50 so the fireplace was wonderful!!


An indoor pool for cooler days. But the outdoor hot tub is always going!


Crazy wildlife visitors!

We were feeding the beautiful bluejays and cardinals leftover pizza and this guy showed up!


A fun little souvenir shop



Lots of fun details


Beautiful buildings and several play areas for the kids



We are still here playing at Big Cedar.
I’ll post more about our mini vacation when we get home!





Best “Foundation” for Busy Mamas

I want to share something with you that I’ve discovered recently!

I may still be learning about make-up and fashion, but through trial and error, I’m figuring out what works for a busy mama!

This first item I want to show you is a bit pricey, but VERY worth the money!

VitaZing by Origins is actually a tinted moisturizer, but has really great coverage. Although the coverage isn’t heavy,the color is so great that it seems to match my own skin color and give me a healthy ” I actually get to sleep at night”look to my face. That makes it priceless right there!!

This really is a great product for busy mamas. It even passed my “road test”. That means it’s a realistic make-up product for busy women because it can be quickly and effortlessly put on at stoplights. :)

And, I love how moisturizing it is, and it has an SPF of 15! You can order it here, or pick it up at your mall.

Let me know if you’ve used VitaZing or if you have any “busy mama” beauty tips!

THM Update and Ness Bag Sneak Peak

I wanted to check in and show you my new Diaper bag!


I’m writing a detailed review that I hope to post soon! Until then, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at just how cute it is!!

Also, if you are on the fence about giving Trim Healthy Mama a try let me encourage you to GO FOR IT! I was only experimenting with it and not sticking to the plan exactly and lost 5 pounds! I’m writing up my Trim Healthy Mama menu and will share that with you ASAP!!