Frugal Fashion Mall Haul!

As I mentioned here, I have always enjoyed fashion, but have kind of been in a fashion and beauty ‘bubble’ while growing and caring for my large family for the past ten years.

Well, I was feeling a little adventurous this past week, and made a trip to the mall. I’m so glad I did!

There are some great sales this time of year and a girl can really score some frugal fashion if she’s careful!

I went armed with a coupon and as much self control as I could muster. (There were so many cute finds, I really could’ve gotten into trouble!)

Here is what I came home with…

I think I’d like to build around a few basic wardrobe staples, so that my clothing stays in style a little longer, and then add a few trendy accessories.

I think this blouse qualifies as both a staple and a trendy addition. It’s a classic color. It’s feminine. It’s a little sexy, but at the same time modest with a cami underneath. And the color seems to be popular this year. I found it at Deb, on clearance, for only 10 bucks!
As soon as I find a cami I like, I’ll post a pic of me wearing it, so you can really see what it look like.

I’m so excited about this little find! Animal prints are really hot right now, so this is definitely a trendy addition. But, animal prints are also pretty classic, so I think this shirt, like the previous one, qualifies as a staple and a trendy addition!

While animal prints are in I’ll wear this on it’s own, with a cami underneath. When animal prints are not so in, I’ll use it as more of an undershirt with a sweater or shirt over it. It will provide a nice little flair to a plain sweater or shirt. Especially since the back is longer than the front, it will peek out from under a regular length shirt or sweater. Love that!

Deb was running a buy one, get one %50 off, including clearance. It was already marked down to $5, which means I only paid $2.50 for it! That’s cheaper than Goodwill. Score!
Again, when I find the right cami, I’ll post a pic of me wearing it.

These, I really didn’t have to pay for. I had a gift card for $25 at Old Navy. These happened to be on sale for $25, so I only had to pay tax.

Since I don’t wear jeans very often, especially skinny jeans, I consider these a trendy addition. They are a nice neutral jean color, without too much detail so I that I don’t look like I’m trying to be younger than I am, but enough that they look a little nicer than just basic jeans. They are the ‘Rockstar” skinny jeans, which means they are not low rise, and they feel great on!
I’ll post a pic the next time I wear them.

This is another score I’m really excited about! I love big bags!

I’d been searching for a black bag for quite awhile. They are really expensive, so I needed one that was a little more basic. That way, it wouldn’t go out of style too quickly, but with a little detail so that it looks trendy, too.

This bag was at Express. Regular price on the tag said $59.90. Purses were on sale %40 off, and I had a coupon from Express for $15 off when you spend $30. %40 off of $59.90 reduced the purse to $35.90, minus the $15 made the purse only $20.90! Even though it isn’t real leather, it is really cute and a great deal!

So, my total out of pocket for these great Frugal Fashion Finds was less than 40 bucks!

I LOVE finding great deals! That way I can spend the rest of my money on the more important things in life. Like, ya know….HAIR!
photo (22)

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